The little things really are the big things - and they deserve to be captured intentionally. Nothing fills me with more joy than being witness to the beauty of your family's love, in all its untamed, fun-filled glory. Let’s bottle up that feeling and make it last.

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Photography Melbourne

Newborn and Family

For photographers
Learn with me

Let me take
your hand.

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Four hour mentoring
Shoot with me, one in-home OR outdoor sunset session
Culling & editing
Q&A, ask me anything, I am an open book



Three chapters
Dream out loud - align your business with your vision
Shoot with soul - learn my ways of shooting
Watch me shoot - 2 recorded sessions to watch (newborn & family)


The ONLINE Workshop

Are you curious what I use to edit my work with?

Get Carolina Hanna's NORTH presets below. 

The NORTH presets