The little things really are the big things - and they deserve to be captured intentionally. Nothing fills me with more joy than being witness to the beauty of your family's love, in all its untamed, fun-filled glory. Let’s bottle up that feeling and make it last.

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Let's preserve the moments, so the memories will live on forever. 

the details

It’s not just about the day you show up for photos. We’ll start working together from day one to provide prep advice, location ideas and my what to wear guide, so that when you get to your session date, you’ll get to live fully in the moment.

the experience

Cue the music, pop a bottle, go exploring, dance in the desert, get comfortable, do your thang. We’ll provide prompts to help you get comfortable (no need to worry about what to do with your hands), but mostly we’ll just hang out and let the magic happen. 

your story captured your way